City of St Paul Water and Solid Waste Rates

Waste Hauling Rates*

(One (1) 96 gallon trash cart included in the rate)

Trash Service 2022 $12.25 per month
2023 $12.75 per month
2024 $13.50 per month

Recycling 2022 $ 5.00 per month
2023 $ 5.50 per month
2024 $ 6.00 per month

Yard Waste 2022 $ 7.00 per month
2023 $ 7.00 per month
2024 $ 7.00 per month

Bulky Waste and appliance pickup $25.00 per appliance or $25.00 per hopper
10% discount for those over age 60
Contractor providing services: Grace Hauling
For new service or questions call 636-398-8060
Water Rates*
City residents connected to the City of St. Paul’s Water System pay the following rates:
Base Rate: $25.00 per month which includes first 1000 gallons of usage
Additional rate after first 1000 gallons: $7.00 per each 1000 gallons
Initial Deposit: $100.00 payable upon connection to the system
Note: Water System users outside the City limits, pursuant to authority granted under state law,
are charged double the residential connection rates for services provided.
Contractor providing services: PWSD #2
For new service install, cancellation, or other questions, please call PWSD #2 at 636-561-3737

*Note: Rates are subject to change as allowed by law and approved by City Ordinance. This page is provided for informational purposes only.