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Building Permit Applications

For a new residence, remodeling, detached building, swimming pool, retaining wall, or other new structure, applications for permits are handled by HR Green, Inc. Please contact, John Choinka for applications: Fences do not require a city permit, but check with your homeowners association for other restrictions.


  • HR Green, Inc. c/o John Choinka
    16020 Swingley Ridge Road
    Suite 205
    St. Louis, MO 63017
    Tele: (636) 812-4220   ask for John Choinka
    John’s Cell: (636) 541-6636

Forms may be emailed by contacting John Choinka at jchoinka@hrgreen.com


All building inspections will be performed by HR Green, Inc., with checks payable to the city of St. Paul.

Please contact John Choinka, Inc for further information on inspection services.

  • John Choinka atHR Green, Inc.
    Tele: (636) 812-4220
    Cell: (636) 541-6636


Currently the City of St. Paul does not require separate business licenses to be held with the city for business operations.

Business Licenses, Liquor Licenses and Business Registrations which are required by the State of Missouri may be obtained by contacting the Missouri Secretary of State offices.

Any licenses required by St. Charles County may be obtained by contacting the County Government Offices.