Mayor Bauer

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On The Go has been awarded the contract for City Wide waste collection beginning April 1st, 2017. They will be the exclusive waste hauler for the next three years with a city option for years four and five. We are very pleased with the bid submitted and look forward to working with On The Go for the foreseeable future.

Please contact On The Go at 636 272 5490 and ask for Kerry. She will get you signed up and ready for pick up. Please keep in mind the holiday schedule for September, November and December.

Summer has definitely arrived and the area yards tell the story.  New home building continues to be steady and we continue to see use of the City Parks (Wilke and Peine).

I am thankful to all of you for your continued support!!
As always I can be reached at (636) 281 8835 or via email at

Vernon Bauer
Mayor, City of St. Paul